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Breathtaking DJs!

Paola Nocitango

Paola NOCITANGO (from Noci, Italy)

Paola lived and worked in Argentina, a music lover and particularly tango music. She very quickly became a DJ appreciated for her musical knowledge and for her continuous work dedicated to researching the quality of music files. Often present in Italian milongas, she is known for the energy she manages to create in her evenings. Attentive and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancers with whom she enjoys interacting and who are a source of inspiration and an essential stimulus during the milonga.
She performs in numerous international events.

Paola will drive you through the night!  

Armando TATAFIORE   (from Rome , Italy)

A tanguero since 1997, Armando began musicalizing in 2000. Over the years, he has performed in the best Roman milongas and in numerous international events.

Listening to the dance floor, he maintains the energy according to the expectations of the dancers, while ensuring consistency with the musical history of tango.

Thus, the golden age of the 1940s and the great orchestras still have the greatest importance, alternating with proposals from the 1930s to contemporary orchestras.

Armando is ready to surprise you and invites you to dance while searching for the right balance...

Armando Tatafiore
Cécile Descloux

Cécile DESCLOUX   (from Marseille , France)

Cécile discovered tango in Buenos Aires in 2012, has been dancing since 2013 and has been a DJ since 2019.

Her music is nourished by her experiences as a dancer, both in encuentros and in marathons.

She chooses her tangos from those of the golden age, with frequent detours through those of the Guardia Vieja and the early 1950s.

Between joyful and playful tangos, intense and full of emotions, she is attentive to varying the orchestras, serving the energy of the ball.

Cécile will seduce you with her engaging sensitivity!

David SAMANIEGO ( from Barcelona - Spain)

David is a multi-faceted artist, comfortable in various artistic disciplines, such as dance, painting, tattooing and fashion.

After spreading his art of dancing and teaching in several countries in Europe and Asia, David immersed himself in the world of tango DJs starting in 2020.

Very sensitive, his personality is synonymous with fun with his selection of cortinas and tandas.

With David you will experience a whirlwind of emotions!

David Samaniego
Sandrine Anglade

Sandrine ANGLADE ( from Montpellier - France)

Sandrine Anglade, our Montpellier pearl, will accompany Saturday's breakfast with her sparkling tandas and her radiant energy.

With Sandrine, more than an appetizer, it's the assurance of a great day to begin!

El Huracan Tango Marathon 2024

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